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  Product Application
  Wear-resistant plates application  

 Wear-resistant plates application


The unique characteristics SA1750CR has solved many unemployment exists in the serious equipment wear problem. Mainly applied in:

Electric power industry - the fan blade, burner piping, feeding trough and hopper lining, crusher components, coal ash tube, the components, air handling system and conveyor.

Steel industry - in the blast furnace, the coke and sintering, steelmaking and continuous casting and rolling steel production lines such as wear-resisting components, including hopper lining and grille, feeding and base, skip, hopper, piping, pump shell, crusher parts, dregs chamfer, various chassis, vibrating screen.

Cement industry - impact plate, piping, pump shell, grinding machine lining, crusher parts, dregs chamfer, various chassis, vibrating screen.

The papermaking industry - hydrocyclone lining, screw conveyor, feeding trough and funnel, fan blades, diameter changes catheter, transition elbow.

Mining - trucks lining board, hopper cargo slot inner lining, feeding trough, crusher parts, apron, wear-resisting bars and wear-resistant plates.

Coal processing industry - feeding trough, hopper, crusher parts and liners, conveying pipe, elbow, pump body.