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Along with the tianjin binhai new area in bohai sea, the establishment of strategic position, the market economic modernization development, stainless steel industry growing prosperity, the development and popularization of the third industry, we must firmly grasp quickly opportunity to speed up the development of binhai new area, vigorously developing with high and new technology industry as the leading technology economy, to improve the function of the city, service-oriented economy marked with participation in regional competition for targets with open economy, form city centre function requirement economic structure and strong supporting function of the advantage industry group. Tianjin nankai district government collaborative tianjin ya da steel Co., LTD. In nankai district mustard park east west road Anne 18 (the original three peaks bus) create tianjin stainless steel technology park. This park is located in tianjin southwest, planning covers an area of 25,000 square meters, close to the outer ring, the transportation convenience, the environment is excellent, with stainless steel r&d, manufacturing, processing, storage, distribution for the integration of science park, was the city, area focus on one of the enterprises park. Park MenLianFang, equipped with the office vacancy, storage warehouses, hope the stainless steel industry enterprise come to discuss investment!